Sunday, January 18, 2009

Uncrappy letterpress

The footnotes collection of cards from Old Tom Foolery make me laugh. With their "unsappy, uncrappy letterpress" motto...they are right up my ally.

Here are a few of my favorites...its hard to pick just one.

"Im forever indebted. * By forever, I just mean until you finish reading this card. Then we're square"

"Im head over heels. *Which just means im standing up if you really think about it"

"Thanks a million. * Must you always be so goddamn nice"

"Another year wiser. * By "wiser" I mean "more saggy"

"Its your birthday. *Wow, you were born. Whoopee"

This one makes me think of my friend Sara.

Happy Hanukkah. *Or is it Chanukah? Wait, I think its Hanukkah. Screw it - just have a happy one"

I could spend lots of money on these cards. They have so many funny ones. You can also find more great letterpress items at their ETSY shop.


Sara | Stinkerpants! said...

hahahahhaha, I like that Chanukkah one!!

Faith, the Authoress said...


Katie said...

OH MY GOSH! These are HILAAARIOUS! And GAH! I LOVE your blog!!! I'm a total paper addict. Totally added to my GR! :)