Sunday, December 21, 2008

Great gifts...

I recently made a photo album on Blurb of our wedding pics for my parents. It made a great gift so I decided to make another one for my Nans & Gramps and will send one to H's folks as well.

I've tried a few of the photo book programs and by far Blurb is the easiest to work with and the quality is great. They ship really fast too.

Check out this one I just ordered for my Grandparents..on the last page I put one of our wedding photos along side their wedding photo. My Nans is gonna love it (im sure she will shed a tear...or five)

August 02, 2008
By Sarah Martin

UPDATE: Seems like you cant view the whole book on the preview (booo) so here is what I put on the last page of the book. One of our wedding pics along side my Grandparents wedding pic (they have been married 50+ years)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah! Your site is adorable and your wedding looked fab. I'm not sure the best way to reach you- but I have some questions about the band that you hired for your reception, as I am looking into them as well. Please email jhoana dot wedding at gmail at your convenience (with the "dot" replaced by a period). Thanks!!!